Club Sentry Member Management Software

Club Sentry Member Management Software

Club Sentry Software

With installations around the world, Club Sentry has demonstrated its power and versatility by giving its users the ability to take control of their facilities with a wide variety of management tools. We invite you to discover for yourself how Club Sentry can help you manage the day to day details of running your club. Download Our FREE Live Demo and experience for yourself what Club Sentry can do.

Key Club Sentry Software Features

Detailed Member Profiles • Member Check-in / Check-out • RFID Ready •  Facility Access Control • Custom Membership Creation • Prospect Tracking • Integration with Quickbooks • Accept Credit Card, e-Checks**, Bank Drafts (EFT) Payments for Retail Items and Membership Dues* • Point of Sale • Inventory Tracking • Vendor Contact Information • Member Charge Accounts • Class and 1 on 1 Session Scheduling • Event Scheduling • Employee Time Clock / Tracking • Customizable User and Workstation Security • Letter / Email Generation • Reports • Easily Networked and Adaptable

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Club Sentry Software
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