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  • General Questions

    What operating systems does Club Sentry work with?

    Club Sentry work s with the following operating systems:

    • Windows 10
      Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP (no longer supported by Microsoft)

    Club Sentry does not work with any MAC OS.

    2017-07-07 08:55:10
  • General Questions

    Can I import my existing data into Club Sentry?

    Club Sentry offers a simple import tool that allows you to import data from a comma separated value (CSV) file or Excel worksheet for $50.00. If you need something more robust, or help exporting from a different system, contact our support team and they will be happy to provide you with an estimate to transfer your data.

    2013-12-01 16:20:31
  • Software Features

    What is the difference between the Limited and Unlimited versions of the software?

    The difference is in the number of members you are allowed in the database. 

    • Limited = Up to 1,000 members/prospects
    • Unlimited = Unlimited members/prospects
    2013-12-16 16:16:14
  • Software Features

    Can I track members time spent in my club?

    Yes. Club Sentry allows you to not only check members in, you may also check them out to determine how long they spend in your club. This feature is also handy to see if a member is currently in your club or to make sure eerybody has left at the end of the day.

    2013-12-01 14:07:07
  • Software Installation

    I have installed Club Sentry and am thinking about adding the POS Module. Do I need to re-install the software?

    There is no need to re-install the software when you add new modules. The Club Sentry Technical Support group will supply you with a new registration code. ONce you enter the new code, your new module will be activated.

    2013-12-01 14:06:16
  • Software Installation

    What are the system requirements?

    The following represent the minimum recommended system requirements. Some operating systems may require faster processors, additional ram and video.

    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
      Windows 10 
    • 1 GHz Pentium Class processor
    • 32 bit or 64 bit processor
    • 4 GB RAM for Windows 7
    • 2 GB RAM for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8
    • 150 MB Free Hard Drive space for Club Sentry installation
    • 500 MB Free Hard Drive space for Club Sentry database and backups. 
    • 1-4 Free USB ports

    Additional hardware may be required based on your Club Sentry configuration and expected use.. 


    2017-07-07 08:57:19
  • Software Features

    How do I create a Family/Group membership?

    To create a Family or Group membership, where one member is responsible for payment for multiple other people, start on the memberships tab.  Either create, or edit an exsisting membership.  Enter all of your plan details such as the name, and duration.  Before you save and exit the membership plan, make sure to click the "Family membership" check box towards the bottom.   After you click on the check box, a new screen will come up.  Here is where you would add a one time price for each additional member.  This price is just a one time fee when the additional members are added onto the membership.  You can also do tier pricing here, so if you charge less the more people they add on, here is where you would add the decress in price over X amount of sub members added.  Again, this is only a one time fee, if you need to add additional pricing to monthly billing you will need to do this through the payment plans.

    When this membership is sold, you would sell it to the primary/responsible member of the family/group.  During this process the software will ask you if you want to add on antoher member.  Click yes to add on a sub member.  A new screen will appear where you can add the sub members information if they are not already in the software, or you can click on the search button to locate a sub member if they have already been entered into the software.  The software will continue to ask you if you want to add sub members until you click no, then you will be brought to the check out screen. 

    2013-12-16 11:40:15
  • Software Features

    How do I add a sub member onto a family/group membership that has already been sold? 

    Locat the primary member that is responsible for the membership.  
    Click on View/Edit Memberships.
    Highlight the membership you wish to add a sub member to.
    Click on Add a Member that will show up at the bottom left of the screen.
    Now a quick add screen will pop up, here you can enter the sub members information if they are not in the software already,
    or you can click on search and search for the sub member if you already entered them into the software. 

    2013-12-16 11:40:54
  • Software Installation

    My computer crashed or I purchased a new computer, how can I get Club Sentry and my data on the computer?

    Download and install the Club Sentry software on the new computer. You can do so at the link below.  The demo is the actual software, your registration code/Database will unlock the software to it's full version.

    after you download and install the software you will need to open it up in the demo mode. This is necessary to install additional files.

    After the software has been opened in the demo version, you can close it down.

    On your old Computer, open up a Windows Explorer window and locate the Club Sentry folder.  Within the club Sentry folder, there will be a database folder.  In the database folder is a file called ClubSentry.mdb.  This is the file you will need to copy to place on the new computer.

    On the new computer open up a Windows Explorer Window and find your way to the C:/ClubSentry/Database folder. In here is where you will place the database from your old computer, or back up drive. You will overwrite the file that is there (the file you are overwriting is ClubSentry.mdb).

    If you have any photos from the old computer you can copy those on the new computer in the C:/ClubSentry/Pictures folder.

    If you have workstations that you need to set up, please e-mail us at  Please include the Business name you purchased Club Sentry under, and we will send you directions on how to set up the workstation.

    2014-02-19 13:23:17
  • Technical Support

    I installed Club Sentry on a new computer and it crashes when I try to open it.

    to fix this issue go to the Club Sentry folder (C:/ClubSentry).  
    Locate a file called CRRedist2008_x86.msi.  
    Double click and have this file run.  It might take a few minutes to install.  
    When it is finished installing, try opening Club Sentry again.

    2013-12-16 11:41:41
  • Software Features

    Moving a member from the members tab to the prospects tab or vice versa.

    If you right click on a members name on the list on the left of the members tab, you can do a two things.  
    One option is to see who is connected to this member. 
    The other is to move a member from the Members tab to the Prospects tab
    you can also do the same thing from the prospects screen. 

    2013-12-16 11:50:06
  • Technical Support

    My customer wants to pay for their monthly dues ahead of time, or my customer doesn't owe anything but wants to put money on their account.

    If a customers account balance is $0, and they want to pay in advance for their upcoming monthly dues amount, or just leave some money on their account to use over time take these steps. 

    Locate the member on the Billing tab by finding them in the list, or do a search for them.  
    Once you locate them you can click on Make Payment which is below the account balance box.
    Put the amount they are giving you in the correct payment box and click continue.
    The software will ask if you want to continue since the amount owed is $0, click Yes to continue
    On the next screen you will see an amount that is due back to the customer, to leave it on the customers account for later use, click on " credit to member's account"  and click continue.
    Now the members account will show a negative balance.

    If they are putting this money towards the next months dues, the softare will use that credit towards the dues. 

    2013-12-16 12:17:31

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