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Starting at just $395.00, Club Sentry's modular design allows you to start with the Base Module for basic member and membership management and add Point of Sale (Retail Sales and Inventory Tracking), Billing or Scheduling functionality when you are ready. Our Check-in options allow you to determine the right amount of security for your facility. Whether you have a Gym, Health Club, Spa, Tennis Club, Pool Club, Country Club or any other type of membership organization, Club Sentry Software helps you manage your members and your business.

Reduce Expenses - Maximize Profit

Club Sentry Software is easy to use and it will save you money as you use it. By tracking member and membership usage data, you can schedule employees ensuring coverage during peak times of the day, week or month while limiting staff during slower times maximizing your payroll dollar. Choose from a variety of check-in methods freeing employees to spend more time with your members giving them a richer, more personal and flexible club experience.

The Billing Module allows you to create a wide variety of memberships with recurring fees. Club Sentry can generate invoices, collect amounts due via credit card or eft, receive payments and update the member's membership and check-in status all automatically, eliminating the need for an employee to spend hours performing these tasks manually.

The Scheduling Module maximizes trainer and instructor availability. Easily assign a member to a class or session. Maximize the profitability of your training sessions and classes by coordinating them all in Club Sentry.

The POS Module tracks inventory and retail sales to walk-ins and members. Charge member purchases "On Account" and collect during the monthly billing cycle encouraging members to purchase goods and services without carrying cash. Set inventory reorder points and quantities to ensure maximum availablity, and profitability, of your most popular items.

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