Minimum System Requirements

The following represent the minimum recommended system requirements. Some operating systems may require faster processors, more ram and video.

Operating System
Windows Vista
32 Bit and 64 bit Machines
Windows 7
Window 8

1 GHz Pentium Class processor

1 GB

Hard Drive Space
150 MB Free Hard Drive space for Club Sentry installation
500 MB Free Hard Drive space for Club Sentry database and backups. Hard Drive space requirements for Web Cam software depends on camera purchased.
Check with your Web Cam manufacturer for details)

1 Free USB port (for camera. optional)

1 USB Web Cam with Software Drivers (Optional)

Credit Card Transactions
Persistent Internet Connection (Broadband recommended)
Merchant Account with one of our Merchant Services Partners.

Optional Peripheral Configurations
Bar Code Slot Reader – USB or PS2
Numeric Keypad – USB or PS2
Magnetic Card Reader (Credit Cards) – USB or PS2
Receipt Printer – USB or Parallel Interface
Cash Drawer – Receipt Printer Interface

ID Card Printer
USB Port

Electronic Lock Interface
Serial Interface. A qualified electrician should complete the
connections to the electronic lock or turnstile.

Hand Held Laser Scanner
USB Interface

USB Interface

RFID Reader
USB Interface