We at Club Sentry understand that your privacy is important. We feel that it is important for you to know how the information that you submit will be used. This Privacy Policy is a statement of our beliefs and a commitment to serving your needs with honesty, sincerity and integrity.

The information you submit to Club Sentry Software is collected solely to provide you with the service you request. Whether it is for information gathering, sales or support, your information is held in the strictest confidence. The only personal information Club Sentry collects is that which you supply us via our sales or support request forms on our web site www.clubsentry.com, or by your contacting us through e-mail or telephone.

Club Sentry does monitor traffic on its web site but only to determine which pages are performing well and attracting the most visitors. We will use this information to enhance the site to give you a better service experience. The information we collect tells us how many people visited any given page but does not identify individual users.

Club Sentry may, from time to time, post surveys that you may respond to. This information is submitted anonymously and is intended to help us identify the general needs and expectations of our visitors. We will use this information to mold our web site, service and product offering to meet those needs and expectations.

We want your experience with Club Sentry to be a positive one. We hope that the information in this policy statement conveys the commitment we feel to protecting your privacy and providing you with superior service.

All information collected is used solely by Club Sentry and is never shared with any third party without your expressed permission.